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Fluid Canyon

This time I thought it would be a great idea to record my artwork. This way you can see how easy it is to create unique pieces of art in a fun way. And the best is – you need only three things: Acrylic Paint, Floetrol and Water.
You can choose whatever colors you like. But you have to be aware that sometimes the paint mixes together therefore it makes sense to take colors that create cool colors like mix blue and red to get purple or mix red and yellow to get orange. I didn’t want to have gree in my painting therefore I prepared the color combinations in different cups for yellow and blue. In the video you can see how I mix the paint together.

The point of acrylic pouring is that the drying time of the acrylic paint is delayed. Normal acrylic paint is thick and dries quite fast. Therefore you need a medium for example floetrol (here or here) or glue (here) that expands the drying time but doesn’t dissolve the paint too much so the colors are still vibrant. For the acrylic paint you can buy some sets (here) or you can choose primary colors (here) and mix the perfect tone yourself which is of course more fun 😉

Here the finished result of the painting after drying. You can see that after the paint mixture dried, it became a matt finish. But if you would like to have a glossy effect, you can put epoxy resin (here a starter kit) on the top or finish the painting with acrylic sealer (here).

All the proportions and the process itself is described in the video. Enjoy!

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