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It is time Icarus,

time to fall!

deep down into the endless abyss

you believed you can fly like a god

but your wings were fake

they couldn’t stand the light

the shine of truth and beauty

and melted away

You betrayed yourself

you lied

and now death calls for you

and pulls you down

You have to go through hell

through  endless suffering

through pain and darkness

to find your true self

to find your love

to find the light you desired


The poem represents my personal intepretation of the Icarus story that aligns with the archetypical journey of the hero.

Icarus’ mistake was to reach to the sky before going through hell first. Once you have endured nigh unbearable suffering, you can handle the light. Otherwise you will fall.

Only in the abyss we become stronger, we learn about our weaknesses, our miseries, our darkest desires. It is  naive to believe we can become something greater without knowing who we really are.

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