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Maritime Epoxy Vibe

Above you can see an art piece done mainly with epoxy. I used three colors – white, turquoise and dark blue to create a maritime look. The canvas has the size of 40×60 cm (15.7 x 23.6 in).

I will describe all the steps I done to create this artwork.

At first I wanted to separate some parts of the picture to have more structure and had the idea to use hot glue for the lines. After applying the hot glue I painted it with a white aerosol color. The separation wasn’t as good as I thought because the most part of the epoxy concentrated in the middle of the canvas and ran over the glue borders. Maybe this wouldn’t happen if I would use a normal wood plate instead of the canvas. I will definitely try this again with a different technique and experiment more to see what happens.

For the transition between the colors I used a wooden stick to mix between the different colors. The three colors I mentioned above were aerosol spray colors. I think it mixes the best with epoxy and is least problematic. For pigments or acrylic colors you need much patience because it has to be mixed very well if you don’t want it to be clumpy.

I also use a lot of loose glitter as well as some sequins and mixed it to the clear epoxy mixture. You can use any kind of loose glitter. I used eye shadow glitter from a drugstore. Mostly in duo chrome colors that shift between blue, aqua, green, pink and lilac. It is possible to buy glitters or sequins in any art supply store, Ebay or Amazon.

Do you see the duo chrome effect here? I love it!

On the picture above you can see some more white structures. This is because I used white aerosol paint directly on the top of the work instead of mixing it with epoxy. This created this kind of layerd look.

As a last step I used some crashed glass pieces on two of the corners. It is quite easy to get some of this on the internet. Alternatively you can crush the glass yourself. But please be careful. I would recommend to put a fabric or a blanket over the glass and carefully crush it with a heavy tool. Otherwise the risk of injuring yourself is too high. The safest way is to buy already crushed glass like I did.

Important fact about this art piece is that it has only one layer. I didn’t wait several days to finish it but put the glitter, paints and glass to the same epoxy layer. This makes the artwork more smooth than for example my other work ‘Epoxy Flow‘ where I used three layers on three different days. Please keep in mind: you can only work with epoxy for about 1 hour after mixing the resin and the hardener together. After that the structure is too thick to work with and is fully dry after about 24 hours

How about you? Are you inspired by this artwork? Please leave a comment below!

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