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Prose & Poetry

I started to do creative writing about 11 years ago. I was still in school and was inspired by other books I read. This was the time as I tried to find myself. Who am I? Where I want to be in the future? The most of the pieces I wrote back then were mostly dark and personal. As I decided to study Physics, I didn’t find time for writing or for anything creative. After I finished my Masters degree I got a job as an IT Consultant. You need mostly analytical skills but sometimes you have to be creative as well.

Still…I decided to express more of myself. I read the 11 year old writing pieces and found them not that bad. Therefore I began to write again this year. Because I am interested in patterns I write mostly parables. I like to compare things to each other that don’t seem to have much in common.

I hope you enjoy some of the pieces!


Look at the stars




Why do we need beauty in our lives?