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The phrase ‘Beauty Saves The World’ comes from the book ‘The Idiot’ by Fyodor Dostoevsky. People don’t know what he really meant by this.

I have to admit I don’t know either. But somehow I feel that this phrase is true. Everytime I observe the sun going up or down, every time I hear a beautiful song, every time I smell the blossoms during spring, every time I experience the kindness of a stranger – I feel beauty.

This website is an attempt to inspire other people to feel beauty as well. Maybe it will help you find a way to save your world!

If you are interested in my opinion why I think  beauty matters, you can read my essay on this topic:

Why do we need beauty in our lives?

Please enjoy this website and write some comments below the blog posts if you want to share your views and ideas.

The logo represents the tree of consciousness that consists of different parts. First there are the two snakes that are arranged in a circle like the uroboros. These are yin and yang, male and female, order and chaos, the two opposites. The nature and the culture. The circle stands for eternity. The two parts are trying to consume each other forever. In the middle of the circle is the conscious eye of the hero. He is in balance between the two snakes and combines them in his self. He reflects the ‘beauty’ or the ‘truth’ in form of light into his surroundings. The tree, the snake and the eye are archetypes. I was inspired to create this logo by reading the book ‘History of Consciousness ‘ by Erich Neumann, which I highly recommend.

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