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About me

Hi. My name is Katharina.

I was born in Poland and moved to Germany as I was 11 years old. English is not my native language but because I want to reach many people with my website I will give it a try. I started this website because I was influenced by Prof. Jordan B. Peterson’s talks. I always knew that there is something in me that wants to create, that wants to be more.

At my childhood I was interested in many things at the same time. I got easily bored by dolls or other toys after they waren’t new anymore. The only thing I wanted to do over and over again was to listen to the fairy tales  my mother told me. The same thing with Disney movies. I loved them.

Today I am still very open and interested in various topics. As Prof. Jordan B. Peterson introduced my to the idea of archetypes I was fascinated and coundn’t stop to watch his youtube videos. Since then I am reading a lot, experiment with my camera for photography and also try to do some artwork or to write. So if you are wandering why I can’t blog about only one topic, now you know why. You will get a whole bunch of me or nothing. That is how I am and how I think 🙂