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In this part of the website I will show you some photographs I made. I have to say that after I bought my DSLR camera a door to a new world opened for me. I started to watch the surroundings more carefully, brought the colour and intensity of light more into the focus and was more amazed by sunsets and by nature that looked ‘ordinary’ before to me.

The camera I use is a Canon EOS 700 that I have since February 2017.  If you want to know which photography equipment I am using please check out this post: Photography equipment.

I am only a hobby photographer and I learnt everything by myself. There are a lot of youtube tutorials and other websites that can help you at the beginning. But you really have to put time at this and try out for yourself. The best tip for a beginner is probably to take as many pictures as possible to get a feeling for the camera.  I am still learning and I know that my photographs are not perfect. But this page is for showing the beauty of the world.  It is about how beauty can be expressed in the form of a photograph.

For a better structure of this website I will link the blog posts that deal with photography here on this page. You will see the photographs in a gallery below.

If you want to see more of mine pictures, please have a look at my instagram account. There you can find some preview photographs for future articles.



On the seashore after the storm


Along the Aegean Sea – Traces of Ionia


Welcome to the Paradise – the Seychelles


Welcome to the Paradise – Wildlife of Seychelles


Welcome to the Paradise – The Seychellois